Gary Clark Jr. Modern Blues Ambassador

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Gary Clark Jr. can be explained as an aftershock from the blues craze of the early ’60s, or as a reincarnated Jimi Hendrix, or as an entirely new breed of musician.

Gary Clark Jr.’s guitar mastery mixed with his deep and smooth voice make him a blues-rock powerhouse. He is know to cover Jimi Hendrix songs during his live shows and he even has a cover of Catfish Blues on his live album. Clark’s soulful take on classic blues-rock sound make him an entirely separate genre from anything else out at this time, and people seem to be drawn to his unique sound and image. He continues to pack his festival performances and sell out venues across the country- proving that individualism does pay off. He also proves this point by winning the grammy for best R&B performance in 2014 and being a grammy nominee for best rock song in the same year.

Clark is a self taught guitarist who learned to play by watching old tapes of blues musicians like T-Bone Walker performing. The blues performers that he learned from still resonate in the sound from his guitar and his bluesy voice.

If you are a fan at all of any classic blues or classic rock, I can’t recommend Gary Clark Jr. enough. If you are in the Tulsa area, he has a show coming up in September.

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