Broncho: Dreamy Rock


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A Broncho song is built with ’60s punk bones housed under an ’80s pop skin wearing a leather jacket to top it off. The Oklahoma based band effortlessly combines dreamy tunes with greasy garage rock to create songs that can be listened to on a chill playlist or on the sound track of a classic movie.

The energetic indie anthems are met with equal or greater energy during their live show. When I had the pleasure to see Broncho live, front man Ryan Lindsey was seemingly too high to function. True to ‘rockstar’ form, the entire band seemed to have been pushed on stage during a smoke session with only a slight idea of where they were or what they were to do.

Nevertheless the band performed an incredible set that was remarkably similar to their recorded work, considering their drugged out state. The band performed a hodgepodge of songs from all three albums, that while being wildly different, manage to keep their dreamy grunge pop theme humming through the records.

Broncho’s latest album Double Vanity takes a turn for the dreamy with its low guitar stums and hazy bass lines. In this album, the band seems to be turning away from their grunge punk side and leaning more on their dreamy ’80s pop side. Don’t get me wrong, Broncho is still very reminiscent of grimy punk pioneers like The Stooges. However, Double Vanity is more like if The Stooges were put inside a lava lamp. If you would like to look into Broncho I’ve linked their Spotify and website below!

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Broncho’s Spotify page

Broncho’s official website


The Growlers: Hardcore Hippies

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The Growlers seem to encompass their sunny and warm stomping grounds of Orange County California perfectly in their beachy, garage rock tunes. Front man, Brooks Nielsen gives the band its nostalgic feel with his haunting vocals that are reminiscent of so many bands in the ’60s such as The Byrds and The Smiths. The self-described “beach goth” band members are; Matt Taylor on lead guitar, Anthony Braun Perry on bass, Scott Montoya on drums, and Kyle Straka on the keyboard and guitar.

Although The Growlers music has a psychedelic ’60s hippie feeling, the band members put on a much more intense live show. In one interview, Brooks Nielsen tells stories of the band being pulled off stage by security guards, waking up with new tattoos, and being kicked out of venues they were hired to perform at. Despite their chill music the band members have a reputation for dressing in costume, taking drugs, and partying like true rock stars.

With their broad and hard to pin down genre, The Growlers can appeal to almost any music fan who is open to them. Each album is different from the last while still carrying the unique beach-grunge-indie-rock sound of the band in every song.  If you would like to give The Growlers a spin, I have linked some of their top songs below.

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The Growlers Official Website

An interview with Brooks Nielsen