Gary Clark Jr. Modern Blues Ambassador

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Gary Clark Jr. can be explained as an aftershock from the blues craze of the early ’60s, or as a reincarnated Jimi Hendrix, or as an entirely new breed of musician.

Gary Clark Jr.’s guitar mastery mixed with his deep and smooth voice make him a blues-rock powerhouse. He is know to cover Jimi Hendrix songs during his live shows and he even has a cover of Catfish Blues on his live album. Clark’s soulful take on classic blues-rock sound make him an entirely separate genre from anything else out at this time, and people seem to be drawn to his unique sound and image. He continues to pack his festival performances and sell out venues across the country- proving that individualism does pay off. He also proves this point by winning the grammy for best R&B performance in 2014 and being a grammy nominee for best rock song in the same year.

Clark is a self taught guitarist who learned to play by watching old tapes of blues musicians like T-Bone Walker performing. The blues performers that he learned from still resonate in the sound from his guitar and his bluesy voice.

If you are a fan at all of any classic blues or classic rock, I can’t recommend Gary Clark Jr. enough. If you are in the Tulsa area, he has a show coming up in September.

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3 Tips On How To Dig Yourself Out of a Musical Rut

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We’ve all been there, you are listening to the same album or the same playlist over and over and you can’t seem to find anything else you even want to listen to.

I was stuck on Borns album Dopamine for nearly two months. I listened to it all day every day and I couldn’t seem to find anything else to listen to without it feeling like a chore.

Pulling yourself out of a musical rut can be difficult or frustrating but there are countless ways to pull yourself out from your deep, all-consuming hole.


Tip 1:

Listen to your Spotify discover playlist.

Every week your Spotify analyzes what you listen to and searches for other things that you may enjoy based on your songs. Sometimes this playlist can be off the mark or even borderline offensive. “How could my own Spotify think I would listen to 21 Pilots?!”  But there is typically a hidden gem or two in this weekly playlist of 30 songs, you just have to dive into it.

Beyond this, Spotify has an incredible browse page that I have spent countless hours, well, browsing.

Tip 2:

Ask your friends what they have been listening to.

Maybe one of your friends is listening to an album or artist that you would enjoy. Or maybe they are in a whole genre that you have yet to dive into. In the depths of one of my worst musical ruts, a friend of mine encouraged me to listen to Beyonce‘s Lemonade album. This album was a pleasant surprise that lent a hand in my battle out of the rut.

Tip 3:

Dive back into the classics or a band you used to love.

I constantly find myself falling back in love with the Red Hot Chili Peppers they are one of those bands that I never stop loving no matter how much my music taste changes. I also find myself going back to Tame Impala time and time again because they have been one of my favorite bands for years. Diving back into the early releases of one of your favorite bands can give you a whole new appreciation for your beloved tunes.

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Below is a playlist of some old and new songs to help broaden your horizons or hopefully brighten your day!

Homeshake Fresh Air

imgres.jpgPeter Sagar, former guitarist for Mac Demarco, is the front man and founder of synth-funk band Homeshake. Sagar has recently released his third album, Fresh Air, with Homeshake which has taken his mild electro-pop tunes down a melancholic and borderline dreary path.

Homeshake’s firs album, In The Shower, has a very unique  and groovy sound that put them on the map. This album contains many out of the ordinary songs with a sway-back-and-forth feel. Homeshake solidifies their lazy sound in their sophomore album, Midnight Snack. This album takes their lazy sound to a more developed indie-synth level that makes the band stand out from the crowd.

Fresh Air takes the band in a dramatically electronic direction, turning its back on its original lazy indie-rock sound. This album sounds like it was made entirely on an old thrift store synth and drum machine with Sagar’s soothing, jazzy guitar humming through the background. Sagar has a superpower for combining indie-rock and chillwave and putting a shiny bow on top. Indie-rock turned to lo-fi R&B in Fresh Air which is in fact a breath of fresh air for the band considering they could have easily stuck to what has worked for them in the past and fallen into a dreaded musical rut. Homeshake continues to change up their style and stay on top of the indie scene.

Fresh Air is linked below if you would like to give it a listen, thank you for reading and listening!

Podcast: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Live Music

For a change of pace my friend Courtney Coston and I discuss some of our favorite concerts we have attended, our first concerts, and our experiences at music festivals.


The artists we discuss in this podcast are as follows:

Rascal Flatts

Carrie Underwood

The Jonas Brothers

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Shakey Graves

The Killers


Walk the Moon

The War on Drugs

Ben Howard



Alabama Shakes

Music played during podcast: Shakey Graves The Perfect Parts


Broncho: Dreamy Rock


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A Broncho song is built with ’60s punk bones housed under an ’80s pop skin wearing a leather jacket to top it off. The Oklahoma based band effortlessly combines dreamy tunes with greasy garage rock to create songs that can be listened to on a chill playlist or on the sound track of a classic movie.

The energetic indie anthems are met with equal or greater energy during their live show. When I had the pleasure to see Broncho live, front man Ryan Lindsey was seemingly too high to function. True to ‘rockstar’ form, the entire band seemed to have been pushed on stage during a smoke session with only a slight idea of where they were or what they were to do.

Nevertheless the band performed an incredible set that was remarkably similar to their recorded work, considering their drugged out state. The band performed a hodgepodge of songs from all three albums, that while being wildly different, manage to keep their dreamy grunge pop theme humming through the records.

Broncho’s latest album Double Vanity takes a turn for the dreamy with its low guitar stums and hazy bass lines. In this album, the band seems to be turning away from their grunge punk side and leaning more on their dreamy ’80s pop side. Don’t get me wrong, Broncho is still very reminiscent of grimy punk pioneers like The Stooges. However, Double Vanity is more like if The Stooges were put inside a lava lamp. If you would like to look into Broncho I’ve linked their Spotify and website below!

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Broncho’s Spotify page

Broncho’s official website