Hello, my name is Kyra Bruce and I will be your guide through the world of new, old and even strange music. I am a sophomore at Oklahoma State University, where I am majoring in Multi Media Journalism Production with a minor in Philosophy. I am starting this blog so that I can share my passion for music with others and hopefully introduce you to some of my favorite artists and songs.

I have gone through many stages in my relationship with music; I have gone from having a singing Justin Bieber doll, to a Kanye West CD, to an iTunes library filled to the brim with Carrie Underwood (circa 2007), to the point I am at now. Music is a very important part of my current life, I listen to music during almost every moment of my day and it has greatly impacted the person I am. My current music taste is hard to pin down, it could be described as a mix of classic rock, indie, metal, psychedelic rock, garage grunge, some punk, and even some hip hop. Below, and throughout my blog, you will find a link to my Spotify profile so you can see my playlists and what I typically listen to. I hope you find something you like!



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