Sports: No Athleticism Required

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Photo courtesy of: @Sportsband on Instagram

Sports is the ironically named dreamy pop band from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The band brings dreamy ’80s pop back from the dead with a modern day indie twist.

If you are stargazing on a hot summer night, covered in oily sunscreen next to a pool, or hot-boxing your ’97 Honda Civic, I think Sports could be the perfect band to set the scene.

Sports is a self described, “band of wizards from Oklahoma, conjuring up pop music spells for ears just like yours” according to their website. A Sports song sounds like relaxing by a pool in a plastic lawn chair from Wal-mart in the middle of a pool party. Their chilltastic sound separates them from other indie-pop-rock bands with hazy guitar riffs and mellow drum beats.

The band is comprised of Cale Chronister (vocals and keys), Jacob Theriot (bass), and Christian Theriot (guitar).  The boys work together perfectly to deliver a chill but exciting live show. Whether they are playing an outdoor event or a cramped bar venue, the guys always offer their best hip shakes and shimmys in an effort to get the “concert cool guy” to un-cross his arms and have a little fun.

There is a warm sincerity in the heart of each Sports song that resonates through headphones, speakers, and stages.

I strongly urge you to check these guys out if you haven’t before! Thank you for reading and listening!

Sports official website


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