Podcast Thoughts


As you may have noticed, my last blog post wasn’t much of a blog post at all. I recorded a podcast with a special guest who happens to be my best friend, Courtney Coston.

Courtney and I were concerned that it would be very uncomfortable to record ourselves talking and that we would be laughing the whole time. While we did have a few laughing takes that I would later cut out, we found it pretty easy to talk about live music for so long because we do love it.

Recording the podcast was very easy and fun. It just felt like talking to a friend about a shared interest because that is all it was! Courtney and I found it easy to discuss our shared experiences at festivals and concerts while also sharing some individual experiences. We did have an outline that we tried to stick to in hopes of keeping the podcast on track, however we did veer from it a few times. I think this only helped the authenticity of our recording.

Editing the podcast was where things got interesting. I edited my podcast on garage band and it was exciting to figure out how to cut parts, add music and edit out our coughs or laughs. Luckily my professor shared a video with us that showed us how to use garage band or else I would have never figured it out!

While I did have a good time with this podcast, I think it will be my first and last.


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