Sports: No Athleticism Required

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Sports is the ironically named dreamy pop band from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The band brings dreamy ’80s pop back from the dead with a modern day indie twist.

If you are stargazing on a hot summer night, covered in oily sunscreen next to a pool, or hot-boxing your ’97 Honda Civic, I think Sports could be the perfect band to set the scene.

Sports is a self described, “band of wizards from Oklahoma, conjuring up pop music spells for ears just like yours” according to their website. A Sports song sounds like relaxing by a pool in a plastic lawn chair from Wal-mart in the middle of a pool party. Their chilltastic sound separates them from other indie-pop-rock bands with hazy guitar riffs and mellow drum beats.

The band is comprised of Cale Chronister (vocals and keys), Jacob Theriot (bass), and Christian Theriot (guitar).  The boys work together perfectly to deliver a chill but exciting live show. Whether they are playing an outdoor event or a cramped bar venue, the guys always offer their best hip shakes and shimmys in an effort to get the “concert cool guy” to un-cross his arms and have a little fun.

There is a warm sincerity in the heart of each Sports song that resonates through headphones, speakers, and stages.

I strongly urge you to check these guys out if you haven’t before! Thank you for reading and listening!

Sports official website


Austin City Limits 2017 Lineup Predictions

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As you already know from following my blogs religiously, I have attended the Austin City Limits music festival for the past two years and I plan to attend the festival again this year. The official lineup for the festival is set to be released Thursday, May 4th so now seems like the perfect time to discuss the artists I anticipate to see on the lineup announcement!

I have combed through countless Reddit threads, compared festival lineups, tracked touring artists and accounted for nearby venue performances. All of my painstaking Nancy Drew-esque research has lead me to some solid guess work and the following conclusions.

In 2016 ACL and Coachella shared many performers such as; LCD Soundsystem, Foals, Major Lazer, G-Eazy and volumes more. Using the 2017 Coachella lineup as an outline, while accounting for the artists who will still be touring in October, and referencing nearby venues, I have the following lineup guesses.

Red Hot Chili Peppers



The Killers

Glass Animals

Father John Misty

Gary Clark Jr.

Portugal. The Man

Chance the Rapper

Arcade Fire

Those guesses are the closest I can come to an official lineup until May 4th satisfies us all. Hopefully I will get a couple of these right and I’ll earn some bragging rights. Here is the ACL website for when the lineup is announced.

Thank you for reading and listening!

Gary Clark Jr. Modern Blues Ambassador

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Gary Clark Jr. can be explained as an aftershock from the blues craze of the early ’60s, or as a reincarnated Jimi Hendrix, or as an entirely new breed of musician.

Gary Clark Jr.’s guitar mastery mixed with his deep and smooth voice make him a blues-rock powerhouse. He is know to cover Jimi Hendrix songs during his live shows and he even has a cover of Catfish Blues on his live album. Clark’s soulful take on classic blues-rock sound make him an entirely separate genre from anything else out at this time, and people seem to be drawn to his unique sound and image. He continues to pack his festival performances and sell out venues across the country- proving that individualism does pay off. He also proves this point by winning the grammy for best R&B performance in 2014 and being a grammy nominee for best rock song in the same year.

Clark is a self taught guitarist who learned to play by watching old tapes of blues musicians like T-Bone Walker performing. The blues performers that he learned from still resonate in the sound from his guitar and his bluesy voice.

If you are a fan at all of any classic blues or classic rock, I can’t recommend Gary Clark Jr. enough. If you are in the Tulsa area, he has a show coming up in September.

Thank you for reading and listening!

3 Tips On How To Dig Yourself Out of a Musical Rut

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We’ve all been there, you are listening to the same album or the same playlist over and over and you can’t seem to find anything else you even want to listen to.

I was stuck on Borns album Dopamine for nearly two months. I listened to it all day every day and I couldn’t seem to find anything else to listen to without it feeling like a chore.

Pulling yourself out of a musical rut can be difficult or frustrating but there are countless ways to pull yourself out from your deep, all-consuming hole.


Tip 1:

Listen to your Spotify discover playlist.

Every week your Spotify analyzes what you listen to and searches for other things that you may enjoy based on your songs. Sometimes this playlist can be off the mark or even borderline offensive. “How could my own Spotify think I would listen to 21 Pilots?!”  But there is typically a hidden gem or two in this weekly playlist of 30 songs, you just have to dive into it.

Beyond this, Spotify has an incredible browse page that I have spent countless hours, well, browsing.

Tip 2:

Ask your friends what they have been listening to.

Maybe one of your friends is listening to an album or artist that you would enjoy. Or maybe they are in a whole genre that you have yet to dive into. In the depths of one of my worst musical ruts, a friend of mine encouraged me to listen to Beyonce‘s Lemonade album. This album was a pleasant surprise that lent a hand in my battle out of the rut.

Tip 3:

Dive back into the classics or a band you used to love.

I constantly find myself falling back in love with the Red Hot Chili Peppers they are one of those bands that I never stop loving no matter how much my music taste changes. I also find myself going back to Tame Impala time and time again because they have been one of my favorite bands for years. Diving back into the early releases of one of your favorite bands can give you a whole new appreciation for your beloved tunes.

Thank you for reading and listening!

Below is a playlist of some old and new songs to help broaden your horizons or hopefully brighten your day!

Festival Survival


fullsizerender-5As festival season approaches, music lovers from across the nation rejoice and prepare. While music festivals are a fun and carefree time, there is also a level of preparedness that you must enter a festival with. I’m not just talking about your perfectly curated outfits either.

If your going to a weekend festival and you have a hotel or a friends house to crash at, then it is mostly smooth sailing. For the festival you will need a fanny pack, trust me on this one. A fanny pack will keep your wallet, keys, phone and water close enough to avoid pick pockets and secure enough to not stop you from jumping up and down at your favorite show.

If you’re going to a festival where you don’t have a place to stay and you are camping instead, things get a little more complicated. Depending on the campsite and where you plan on eating, you’ll need fire wood and cooking supplies. That could also mean a stick you found on the ground that you shove through a hot dog to roast it, if you’re going for the rugged outdoorsman feel. You also cant forget a tent and a nice big sleeping bag, don’t underestimate how cold it can get at night when packing a sleeping bag.

One of the most important things to bring is that one crazy thing you’ve always wanted to wear but haven’t been able to. Wether it’s your blue lipstick, a crazy pair of sunglasses, or a beaded body chain, now is the time to go for it. Remember you’re there to have fun, even when you’re dehydrated and you have been waiting in the water line for an hour. Wear sunscreen and have fun!

Thank you for reading, here are some links to upcoming festival lineups!

Coachella Lineup

Bonnaroo Lineup

Newport Folk Festival

Homeshake Fresh Air

imgres.jpgPeter Sagar, former guitarist for Mac Demarco, is the front man and founder of synth-funk band Homeshake. Sagar has recently released his third album, Fresh Air, with Homeshake which has taken his mild electro-pop tunes down a melancholic and borderline dreary path.

Homeshake’s firs album, In The Shower, has a very unique  and groovy sound that put them on the map. This album contains many out of the ordinary songs with a sway-back-and-forth feel. Homeshake solidifies their lazy sound in their sophomore album, Midnight Snack. This album takes their lazy sound to a more developed indie-synth level that makes the band stand out from the crowd.

Fresh Air takes the band in a dramatically electronic direction, turning its back on its original lazy indie-rock sound. This album sounds like it was made entirely on an old thrift store synth and drum machine with Sagar’s soothing, jazzy guitar humming through the background. Sagar has a superpower for combining indie-rock and chillwave and putting a shiny bow on top. Indie-rock turned to lo-fi R&B in Fresh Air which is in fact a breath of fresh air for the band considering they could have easily stuck to what has worked for them in the past and fallen into a dreaded musical rut. Homeshake continues to change up their style and stay on top of the indie scene.

Fresh Air is linked below if you would like to give it a listen, thank you for reading and listening!

Podcast Thoughts


As you may have noticed, my last blog post wasn’t much of a blog post at all. I recorded a podcast with a special guest who happens to be my best friend, Courtney Coston.

Courtney and I were concerned that it would be very uncomfortable to record ourselves talking and that we would be laughing the whole time. While we did have a few laughing takes that I would later cut out, we found it pretty easy to talk about live music for so long because we do love it.

Recording the podcast was very easy and fun. It just felt like talking to a friend about a shared interest because that is all it was! Courtney and I found it easy to discuss our shared experiences at festivals and concerts while also sharing some individual experiences. We did have an outline that we tried to stick to in hopes of keeping the podcast on track, however we did veer from it a few times. I think this only helped the authenticity of our recording.

Editing the podcast was where things got interesting. I edited my podcast on garage band and it was exciting to figure out how to cut parts, add music and edit out our coughs or laughs. Luckily my professor shared a video with us that showed us how to use garage band or else I would have never figured it out!

While I did have a good time with this podcast, I think it will be my first and last.

Podcast: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Live Music

For a change of pace my friend Courtney Coston and I discuss some of our favorite concerts we have attended, our first concerts, and our experiences at music festivals.


The artists we discuss in this podcast are as follows:

Rascal Flatts

Carrie Underwood

The Jonas Brothers

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Shakey Graves

The Killers


Walk the Moon

The War on Drugs

Ben Howard



Alabama Shakes

Music played during podcast: Shakey Graves The Perfect Parts